Pupillary Distance Measurement Tool

Pupillary Distance Measurement Tool

Pupillary Distance & Seg. Hgt. Measurement


Upload an image

Adjust the red line width to the card magnetic tape:


Rotate the red line in case your photo is diagonal:



  1. Upload Photo: Take a photo of yourself with a credit/debit card with the magnetic stripe visible, as the example photo shows. Click the "Browse" button and find your photo and select it.
  2. Adjust Markers: Drag the two white markers and place them on your pupils. Drag the blue marker so that it is in the middle of your nose. Adjust the red line marker so that it aligns to the magnetic stripe on the card. Use the two sliders on the right to adjust the red line width and to rotate the line to match the image.
  3. Get Your Readings: The PD and SH readings will appear in the upper right area of the image. Place those readings into the fields on the product order page.